About Us


Your Book Your Way is a full ghostwriting service for companies and individuals to tell their business, or personal, stories.


The business was started by professional ghostwriter/author Rich Mintzer, who has worked with authors from a wide range of fields to bring their stories to print. In addition, he has walked them through the process of self-publishing or finding an agent and/or publisher for their books.

Rich actually began his career as a comedy writer, writing for (or coaching) more than 50 stand up comedians. He also taught humor writing for nearly a decade. Subsequently he wrote for the Rosie O'Donnell Show and USA Up All Night as well as serving as a writer producer for New York radio stations WNBC and WYNY.

He has since emerged as a professional business writer. His articles have appeared in a number of monthly and weekly national publications and he has been a feature writer, content editor and/or blogger for leading websites including Entrepreneur.com, AllBusiness.com, MSNMoney.com, SavingsAccounts.com, Brand Launcher and others. In addition he has served as a marketing writer for various companies including AXA Equitable, among others.

Rich Mintzer's books have generated sales and brand exposure for companies and individuals.

In addition, Rich has networked over the past two decades and aligned him with top editors, proofreaders and publishers. This is to better serve you, the client seeking to have your book (or book proposal) created as you see fit. After all, why shouldn't you have your book your way?

For more information contact Rich Mintzer.